Himanchal Pashmina Pink Oranfe Stole


Pashmina, a Cashmere wool, traces its origin to the 3rd Century BCE around Persia. It is an undercoat fur of a mountain goat renowned world over for its exquisite softness. Handspun and handwoven from the lightest yarn in the Himalayan regions of Ladakh, Himachal and Kashmir. The beautiful products made have a unique warmth and comfort, using 100% pure Pashmina. Woven using longstanding traditional designs of the Himalayas, Kani, Tilla, Aari and Sozni to make Pashmina stoles, scarves and shawls.

The Pashmina making process is performed completely by hand. This includes fibre collection, spinning, weaving (using hand looms), washing the fibres, dyeing, fringing, embroidering and design making. It is amazing to know how long each one takes to complete, over 180 hours. This contributes to the high price, especially when considering each one uses the wool of three goats.

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